by Quadrant


As a multimedia platform for projects that explore science, nature, social justice, and the arts, we’re constantly on the lookout for interesting new voices.  We’re looking for stories with perspectives that we haven’t come across before, or new ways of seeing and that challenge linear worldviews. In terms of formats, we’re open to text, art, images, video, and audio.

For now, we invite you to send us your pitches—feature articles, personal essays, and interviews—for the theme ‘revival’ (August 10 to October 10). This will tie into The Revival Project, which you can read about here. Please note that if we accept your pitch and work with you, it is a paid project. We think you’ll enjoy this article by Nia Thandapani on the Chandigarh chair, which looks at the mechanics and ethics of revival and our recent film Homecoming which looks at song traditions and cultural expression of the Sami people.

When sending us a pitch, remember to:

  • Read other stories on the Dark ‘n’ Light website to get a sense of the kinds of stories we are interested in publishing. Like this article by microbiologist Sudha Neelam on the science and artistry of our gut, or a personal essay by poet Joshua Muyiwa on the spaces that we inhabit and our shifting identities. We also love this short film by Kamil Czapiga using amino acids, and this illustrated poem by Vinayak Varma based on Devaki Panini’s poetry.
  • Attach links to your work that illustrate your voice and tone, along with a clear outline of your pitch – just 6-8 lines should suffice. If you haven’t been published before, don’t worry. We just need to get a sense of your work.
  • Give us an estimate of the word count for your article (if it’s text-based).
  • Use the word ‘submission’ or ‘pitch’ in your email subject, and please avoid sending heavy attachments.
  • Send only original work that hasn’t been published before.


Send us your pitches by clicking the button below. We’re a small team, so if you haven’t heard back from us within three weeks, please assume that we won’t be able to use it. Do sign up for our newsletter, The Ripple, to get updates on the themes that we will be announcing as we invite submissions. Thank you for considering us for your work!