by Quadrant


By playfully traversing traditional boundaries with a range of collaborators and co-creators, we will feature poetry, stories, essays, film, audio and mixed media art. Join us as we explore diverse thoughts, mediums and voices.


A Natural Dissonance

In this personal essay, Vena Kapoor discusses spiders, invertebrates and other creatures that have been labelled 'creepy'. She also delves into the environmental cognitive dissonance that we all experience, and how we can mend our fractured relationship with nature.


The Crystal Lab: Behind the Scenes

Take a tour into how Cosmodernism made "The Crystal Lab".


The Crystal Lab

We teamed up with Cosmodernism which oscillates around experimental audiovisual arts and performance to create this film using amino acids.


A gut feeling: Finding beauty in the wabi-sabi way

Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese philosophy, is the beauty of all things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. We harbour our own army of micro artists — the gut microbiome. The gut of the human body nourishes a secret garden arranged in asymmetric, mismatched patterns, creating a wabi-sabi masterpiece of symbolism.


Animal origami

An illustrated poem that features tweaks, beaks, and the intricate origami of thoughts. Folding and unfurling an excerpt from "Of bug, bee and beast", a book of poetry by Devaki Panini.


Dispel the inky darkness

Behind every project is a story. A personal essay by Devaki Panini on the writing of her book “Of bug, bee and beast”, a tender portrait of other species and the species that we humans ‘other’.