by Quadrant


By playfully traversing traditional boundaries with a range of collaborators and co-creators, we will feature poetry, stories, essays, film, audio and mixed media art. Join us as we explore diverse thoughts, mediums and voices.


Máhccan/Homecoming: songs from Karasjok/Kárášjohka (Northern Sami)

What does home sound like? Join us for a revival journey in Northern Sami with artists from Karasjok who keep yoiking alive through their music and performance. Yoik is a form of song tradition of the Sami people whose meaning transcends its musical and poetic dimensions. In this film we see yoik through the eyes of the band Rolffa and the music producer Rolf Amundsen, the narration and art of Jo Morten Kåven and the amazing footage from Jan Helmer Olsen.


The Chandigarh Chair: Exploring the Nuances of a Revival

What was once designed as a utilitarian chair for government employees in Chandigarh has now become a sought-after design classic. Following the journey of the Chandigarh chair, design historian and graphic designer Nia Thandapani looks at the ethics and mechanics of revival.


An Institution Reimagined: Aditi Nayar-Zacharias on Redefining Museum Culture

By actively encouraging people to use their space and connect over shared discoveries of art and culture, a museum in Kerala is rediscovering its purpose. Aditi Nayar-Zacharias, director of the Kerala Museum, speaks to us about changing people’s perceptions of museums, community sculptures, shared spaces, and what revival means in the context of a museum.


Alone, Together

A visual poem with art by Lina Krishnan and text by Priyanka Sacheti about finding value in solitude and togetherness, in seeing things alone but also witnessing it in unison. Photo credit: Priyanka Sacheti


Overturning Desi Stones and Bones

Anupama Chandrasekaran, writer and podcaster, takes us behind the scenes of her audio documentary series—Desi Stones and Bones. Tracing her personal odyssey from Chennai to the heart of dinosaur country, she visits sites of ancient seas and dinosaur nests and introduces us to a host of intriguing characters. Learn more about her adventures in this essay.


A Tamil Animist: Gleaning Identity, Nativity, and Animate Wisdom from Tamil Culture

As a naturalist, writer, educator and activist, Yuvan Aves has a unique perspective. In this personal essay, he explores animism in Tamil culture and literature, and delves into themes of philosophy, ecology, polyvocalism, education and identity.


The Spider

Connecting impossible corners, this poem by Devaki Panini celebrates the spider and its prolific world building. With Vinayak Varma's animation plus music and Umberina Rao's narration, we journey through landscapes to the red spider nebula near the heart of the Milky Way.


The Now That Never Is

Can we agree on a universal ‘now’? Astrophysicist Paul M. Sutter ponders and plays with the idea of the fleeting and ephemeral now.


Sunsets, Long Walks and Mimosas

Poet and writer Joshua Muyiwa takes us on a journey of rediscovery. In this essay, he delves into identity, the wonders of the natural world, the spaces we inhabit and how we do so.


Dance with Gravity

Introducing ‘Dance with Gravity,’ a Dark ‘n’ Light production that takes its inspiration from the Earth Board, a modern manifestation of the centuries-old Shena Board. The film honours the Persian culture and traditions that conceptualised the board and combines mythology, poetry, movement and music to tell a unique story.


A Fraction of the Universe

16-year-old astrophotographer and stargazer, Prathamesh Jaju, takes us time travelling using only a camera, a tripod and a telescope. Through his beautiful images, we’re able to catch a glimpse of our vast universe and capture a small fraction of it.


On Nothing: A Journey Into the Void

Paul M. Sutter, astrophysicist, contemplates the vast emptiness of the cosmos and how we have grappled with the concept of "nothingness" through philosophy, art, music and science.


A Modern Manifestation:
The Evolution of the Earth Board

Ancient Persia has given the world many things that have endured the passage of time. One such object is the Earth Board, a fresh take on the Shena Board, a tool that has been used for hundreds of years. Learn more about the history of the board and the storytelling and myths that were the catalyst for many aspects of Persian culture.


The Crystal Lab: Behind the Scenes

Take a tour into how Cosmodernism made "The Crystal Lab".


A Natural Dissonance

In this personal essay, Vena Kapoor discusses spiders, invertebrates and other creatures that have been labelled 'creepy'. She also delves into the environmental cognitive dissonance that we all experience, and how we can mend our fractured relationship with nature.


A gut feeling: Finding beauty in the wabi-sabi way

Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese philosophy, is the beauty of all things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. We harbour our own army of micro artists — the gut microbiome. The gut of the human body nourishes a secret garden arranged in asymmetric, mismatched patterns, creating a wabi-sabi masterpiece of symbolism.


The Crystal Lab

We teamed up with Cosmodernism which oscillates around experimental audiovisual arts and performance to create this film using amino acids.


Dispel the inky darkness

Behind every project is a story. A personal essay by Devaki Panini on the writing of her book “Of bug, bee and beast”, a tender portrait of other species and the species that we humans ‘other’.


Animal origami

An illustrated poem that features tweaks, beaks, and the intricate origami of thoughts. Folding and unfurling an excerpt from "Of bug, bee and beast", a book of poetry by Devaki Panini.