by Quadrant


Chronicling this long, strange trip that we’re on together and our entanglements, both quantum and experimental- expect lots of music and poetry.

Becoming Water: Highs, Lows, Ebbs, and Flows

We know what water is. We’re surrounded by it, composed of it, we drink and expel it. And yet, it remains unfathomable. Dark ‘n’ Light founder Susan Mathews plays with the different faces and interpretations of this life-creating molecule. Artwork credit: Adrija Ghosh

Spinning a Cosmic Web: It’s Filamentary, My Dear

In this blog, we speak of cosmic webs and spider webs and their filamentary structures. Through myth, folklore, and artistic representations, we explore further the scaffolding from which galaxies were born and our own stories emerged.

Welcome to the Subverse

The Subverse is the vessel for our sonic voyages, partly a take on the uses of subversion to thwart power, and about stories that lie in the margin and the ‘liminal’. We will host intimate conversations, poetry readings, bedtime stories, gothic and macabre tales, narrated essays and in time eco-acoustic projects.

Between the dawn and the dark of night

The title is a line from the song ‘Ripple’ by the Grateful Dead. The song lyrics embrace paradox, contradiction, and non-duality and we will explore that and more in our Dark ‘n’ Light journey.