by Quadrant


Artwork credit: Lucia Dami

Our Vision

Dark ‘n’ Light explores science, nature, social justice and culture, through the arts and humanities. We are a home for projects that chronicle the times we live in and reimagine futures for all species and the planet. By playfully traversing traditional boundaries with a range of collaborators and co-creators, and challenging linear, binary worldviews, we feature projects which include poetry, stories, essays, films, audio, and mixed media art. At its heart, this space aims to bring together voices from across fields and in the margins to nourish our innate senses of curiosity and wonder.

For us, we cherish the process, the making of the projects, the conversations, the iterations, the stories behind the scenes and we want to take our time, join dots between our projects, meet new people, follow new leads, go down rabbit holes and learn as we go along.

We are not presently inviting submissions but will keep you updated. So follow us on social media and sign up for our monthly newsletter. For potential collaborations or commissions, please contact us.

The projects in Dark ‘n’ Light are sponsored and conceptualized by KRIT Consulting Sàrl which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our Team

Susan Mathews

In her previous avatar she worked long and boring hours as a legal and policy wonk in the areas of development, human rights and the environment. Based in Geneva, she brings some of her past life mojo and background into project conceptualization along with a life-long passion for the arts, humanities, poetry, music, and science. She is the principal blogger and podcaster at Dark ‘n’ Light, so you will get to know more about her as the site evolves.

Ranjit Chettur

He is a photographer and video artist based in Kochi, India. He is also a communication designer and principal consultant at Looplogik, a creative services consultancy. Ranjit’s other interests include cinema, English fiction, travel, and social entrepreneurial projects. Ranjit provides visual direction and advice for Dark ‘n’ Light, helps storyboard and develop our ideas and scripts for artistic projects.

Sukrit Bhattacharya

Trained as an Aerospace Engineer, Sukrit researched fluid mechanics and turbulence solving partial differential equations. With a substantial and exciting corporate career, he started Krit Consulting Sarl in Geneva, Switzerland in 2015. He brings his passion for science and mathematics, his love for Douglas Adams and Pink Floyd, and process-oriented detail into helping us manage our projects and collaborate with diverse teams and get our acts together.

Anjali Alappat

She is a writer, editor and content strategist. She began her career as a journalist and has also worked in communications and publishing (both in the private sector and for non-profits). She’s edited more than 40 children’s books and recently published her first picture book. She loves sci-fi and fantasy, writing for children, coffee, long-form journalism, dinosaurs, space and the music of the 80s. She will fiercely defend the Oxford comma forever.


For the launch of Dark ‘n’ Light there are people and organizations we want to specifically thank:

  • K Law (Krishnamurthy & Co.): Legal (India)
  • BKS Attorneys (Beutler Künzi Stutz AG): Legal (Switzerland)
  • Vaaka Media: Podcast production, social media planning and general advice on the platform
  • Lucia Dami: Logo design and artwork
  • Matina Sakkas, Atiq Samad and Maribel Gonzalez: Wordpress templates and all things website related
  • Vinayak Varma: Overall creative advice and platform conceptualization
  • Chippyol Nizam: Assistance with film projects
  • Krizia Bass: Vocal direction and recording for projects and podcast